White99 #2 Botanical Illustration Print

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White99 #2 Botanical Illustration Print



This limited edition art print was one of four commissioned in collaboration with Lightshade in Colorado. All proceeds raised will be donated to Project Sanctuary to help military families and veterans returning from service. This print is illustrated in the fashion of classic scientific drawings from the eighteen & nineteen hundreds, with stunning hand-drawn details & color on an off-white background. Perfect for any cannabis advocate or connoisseur. Printed on thick un-coated archival paper stock using an ultra high-quality press for incredible colors & resolution.  

About the cultivar:  White 99 has a fresh, almost tropical aroma that is followed by a sweet citrus flavor that many describe as a Kush aftertaste. Strain connoisseurs that like both Indicas and Sativas will have a hard time passing up White 99. 

Available as a stand-alone print or paired with a walnut or maple poster rail. Bundle and save 15%

18 x 24" or 24 x 36"
'White99' cultivar, Illustrated by Nathan Maggard
3 of 4 in the series
Design by Goldleaf & Lightshade
All profits donated to Project Sanctuary
Printed in the USA