The Cannabis Taster

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The Cannabis Taster




The Cannabis Taster is a pocket journal designed specifically for the cannabis adventurer.  With a focus on recreational use and enjoyment, this notebook features guided entry pages and graphics designed to help you document the flavors, effects and experiences of cannabis.  Ideal for any enthusiast wanting to track the cultivars (strains) and products they have tried in the past and better understand their own palate and body in the process. This journal works with all types of cannabis (flower, concentrates & edibles) and is an essential companion to any cannabis tourist.

24 Full-spread templated entry pages
Purveyor sections to log your favorite dispensaries, growers and products
Quick reference page to help you find your favorite entries
Flavor and Terpene infographics
Acid-free, chlorine-free, responsibly milled paper
Classic cream colored pages
Discrete forest green cover with gold emblem
Portable A6 size notebook
Designed in Ohio