CBD Oil Shots 50mg

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CBD Oil Shots 50mg


  • 50 mg of full spectrum hemp extracted CBD per shot
  • Perfectly fueled with 5/8th of a tablespoon of 100% organic MCT oil derived from coconuts
  • Shot comes in a 5ml bottle
  • All of our cannabidiol oils offer what is known as the “Entourage Effect” (full spectrum CBD-rich hemp oil)

CBD Oil Shots

Our CBD Life Oil Shots are an amazing addition to any meal at any time of the day.

Serving Size & Suggested Use

  • add half of or the full shot into your morning coffee to catapult your day in a productive manner
  • add one to a protein or energy shake for a mid-day pick me up
  • or perhaps even add one into your dinner salad for a nice, relaxing finish your day

These are 50 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD oil shots that are wonderfully mixed with 1 heaping tablespoon of MCT oil derived from 100% organic coconuts.  We absolutely love the combination of hemp CBD oil & MCT oil and the moment you add these to your daily routine, you will realize why our CBD Oil is second to none.

Also, don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit.  Try out different amounts (waiting 6 hours in between dosages) in order to discover your very own “sweet spot”.  Our CBD oils range from 50 mg to 3,000 mg and you can view all of our options on our CBD Oil page.


Why Choose Cannabidiol Life Oil?

First off, we’ve replaced the THC with a lot of TLC (tender loving care). That may sound corny, but we’re so serious about that claim.  We use an extremely slow and tender extraction process where we rock the entire hemp plant back and forth in a laboratory cradle.  Our amazing team of scientists then slowly add organic ethanol as the gentle rocking continues. Over a long period of time, we are able to preserve the:

  • cannabinoids
  • trichomes
  • terpenes
  • flavonoids

through hemp vapors! This process takes longer, demands more manpower, cost more on our end to make, but it produces the most natural, full spectrum, and delicious oil we’ve ever made and we invite you to learn more about our very unique process. We are in no way associated with the crushing/heat-induced, “supercritical CO2 process” that you will find everywhere online because directly, we’re better than that. We stand turbid by our hemp extraction process and also by our mission; “Planting the Seeds of Health & Wellness”.  Producing a “mediocre” to “good” CBD-rich hemp oil just isn’t what we’re about.  We want to offer the best and we think we nailed it.

In order to verify the difference between all the people who “claim” this and the reality of the quality of the CBD product being sold, you must understand the Best Way On How To Extract CBD From Hemp

Lastly, all of our products (including our oils) are manufactured in a Denver Environmental Health Compliant Facility.  Meaning, we abide by every law set forth by the Environment, Health & Safety regulations so that we can not only offer the best hemp extraction process, but we will do so in a certified Environmental Health Compliant Facility.