CBD Oil: Menstrual Relief PLUS+

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CBD Oil: Menstrual Relief PLUS+


This CBD oil + ingredients is a couple levels more potent than the regular Menstrual Relief tincture.  This CBD product was formulated to take on the more serious side effects that a woman might always come across during their time of the month.  We are nothing but ecstatic to finally offer a woman’s designated menstrual relief CBD oil.  This is a hemp extract and herb-infused MCT and Sacha Inchi oil.  We always take pride in the ingredients we choose for all of our projects and we are especially proud of this fantastic product.  We highly advise you to scroll down and read the ingredients.  We think you are going to LOVE what you see.

This menstrual relief CBD oil offers 36.67mg/ml

1-oz (30 ml) dropper bottle

The Cannabidiol Life Menstrual Relief PLUS+ CBD oil combines our unique and signature full-spectrum CBD hemp extracted oil with organic ingredients and botanicals and aimed to relieve the common menstrual pain and discomfort a woman may experience during her monthly cycle.

Our unique combination of organic roots and herbs provide anti-inflammatories and antispasmodics to calm and reduce cramping. Soothing botanical ingredients relax the nervous system to relieve irritability, while key vitamins and minerals work to alleviate bloating and bowel function.

Our Ingredients Make All The Difference:

  • 1,100 mg of our full spectrum hemp extracted oil
  • Non-GMO MCT oil
  • Sacha Inchi oil*
  • Yarrow*
  • Ashwagandha*
  • Chasteberry*
  • Cinnamon*
  • Tulsi*
  • Fennel*
  • Turmeric*
  • Licorice Root
  • Peony Root
  • Ginger*
  • Maca*
  • Black Pepper*



Recommended Dosage:

6 drops daily 7 days before your period starts.


Cannabidiol Life Full-Spectrum CBD Oil vs Other Companies:

Our CBD oil is concentrated with particular attention to taste and natural structure of the cannabinoids. 90% of all CBD companies extract their CBD and cannabinoids by using Butane (fossil fuel/high pressure), Propane (fossil fuel/high pressure) or Supercritical C02 (extremely high pressure)…