CBD Dabs Wax Maui Wowie

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CBD Dabs Wax Maui Wowie


  • Maui Wowie CBD Wax Flavor Profile: Sweet tropical pineapple wedges soaked in a tingly combination of citrus juices. This is the perfect combination of sweetly sour and just might put the sour patch gummies out of business.
  • Our FS CBD Wax has an impressive 5% CBG per 1/2 g & 10% CBG per 1 g
  • Industrial Hemp Extract
  • Made in Colorado

The scent and taste of Maui Wowie (not a typo), which is often confused with “Maui Waui”, is another one of our very popular tropical CBD wax flavors. This strain has all but the best intentions to relieve your stress as this Island of Maui will “Wowie” you straight to the shores where the sun is warm, Ukuleles play, where Lei’s are laid, and where this tubular terpene was originally born.

Maui Wowie erupted in popularity from it’s native volcanic soil (pun intended) and has spread like hot lava around the world. Blessing us with its delectable pineapple and fresh euphoric flavors, this gift from Hawaii just might be the only thing you need to hang ten at the next world class surfing expo.

CBD Wax is produced with our organic ethynol extraction process and it is one of the cleanest forms of CBD that you can find on the market.  Made from only the best industrial hemp. We’ve added MAUI WOWIE terpenes to this particular wax and we do so to enhance your dabbing experience.

With our full spectrum hemp extracted CBD wax, you get to experience much more than just CBD. It also comes with:

  • CBG
  • CBC
  • CBN
  • CBD-v

FS CBD wax is perhaps the best way to experience CBD dabs or “dabbing CBD” and is actually considered by many as the best way to inhale CBD, period (when extracted by hemp).

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